National Society of Genetic Counselors
    About Genetic Counselors

    How A Genetic Counselor Could Help You or Your Family

    Genetic counselors can give you the personalized help you need when it comes to you and your family's genetic health.

    Genetic counselors can work with you – and your physician – to understand complex genetic information and help you make informed decisions.

    “Patients benefit from speaking to another person, skilled not only in the medical information given, but as another compassionate resource to repeat the information presented by physicians and nurses.”

    While genetic counselors are not medical doctors, they are part of your healthcare team, and work with you and your doctor to help you understand:

    • Your genetic risks based on your family history
    • Your genetic risks for certain diseases or cancers
    • Whether genetic testing might be right for you
    • What the results of genetic tests may mean for you and your family

    With expertise in counseling, genetic counselors can also provide emotional support as you make decisions and empower you with information for your overall healthcare.