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    Meet the NSGC Team


    Meghan Carey

    Executive Director

    Government Relations and Advocacy Team

    John Richardson.jpg

    John Richardson

    Director, Government Relations and Advocacy 

    Contact John for questions on:

    • Federal advocacy/CMS recognition
    • State Licensure
    • Payer relations
    • General advocacy and policy support

    Molly Giammarco

    Manager, Government Relations and Advocacy

    Contact Molly for questions on:

    • Access and Service Delivery Committee
    • Public Policy Committee
    • Practice Guidelines Committee
    • Outcomes Committee

    Jennifer Trotter

    Senior Coordinator, Government Relations and Advocacy

    Contact Jennifer for questions on:

    • Access and Service Delivery Committee
    • Public Policy Committee
    • State Licensure Resources
    • Payer resources

    Rachel Weston

    Sr. Associate, Government Relations and Advocacy

    Contact Rachel for questions on: 

    • Payer resources
    • Workplace efficiency toolkit
    • General Government Relations and Advocacy inquiries

    Membership Operations Team

    Carrie Wall Headshot.jpg

    Carrie Wall

    Manager, Operations

    Contact Carrie for questions on:


    Madeline Stanke

    Senior Associate, Operations

    Contact Madeline for questions on:

    • Audrey Heimler Special Project Award (AHSPA)
    • Jane Engelberg Memorial Fellowship (JEMF)
    • Membership Committee
    • NSGConnect

    Clare Brennan

    Associate, Membership 

    Contact Clare for questions on:


    Kristen Perry

    Senior Associate, Membership 

    Contact Kristen for questions on:

    Education Operations Team

    Darin, Katie.jpg

    Katie Strang

    Manager, Annual Conference and Education Operations

    Contact Katie for questions on:

    • Education Initiatives
    • Education Committee
    • DEI Advisory Group
    • NSGC Online Course Development and Topics

    Alana Embury

    Coordinator, Education Operations

    Contact Alana for questions on: 


    Jennifer Aron

    Specialist, Continuing Education

    Contact Jennifer for questions on:


    Cara Trauscht

    Associate, Education Operations 

    Contact Cara for questions on:

    Sales Team


    Rebecca Baker

    Manager, Sales

    Contact Rebecca for questions on:

    • Annual Conference sponsorship
    • Exhibiting at the Annual Conference
    • Year-round sponsorship opportunities 
    • Prospectus opportunities

    Sara Kolovitz

    Manager, Sponsorship

    Contact Sara for questions on:

    • Annual Conference sponsorship
    • Year-round sponsorship opportunities
    • Custom or new Annual Conference sponsorship opportunities

    Events Team


    Catherine Perkins

    Manager, Conference Logistics

    Contact Catherine for questions on: 

    • Annual Conference logistics


    Lisa Billock

    Manager, Exhibits and Sponsorship

    Contact Lisa for questions on: 

    • Year-Round Sponsorship Fulfillment

    Caitlin Foli

    Coordinator, Exhibits and Sponsorship 

    Contact Caitlin for Questions on: 

    • Annual Conference Floor Plan
    • Trade Show – Exhibits
    • Annual Conference Sponsorship Fulfillment
    Makenzi Claassen.jpg

    Makenzi Claassen

    Associate, Convention Logistics

    Contact Makenzi for questions on: 

    • Ancillary Meetings

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