National Society of Genetic Counselors

    policy & Publications

    NSGC Advocacy

    NSGC sponsors a variety of strategic activities aimed at increasing patients' access to genetic counselors and genetic services.

    NSGC is currently engaged in the following advocacy activities:

    NSGC Position Statements

    NSGC's Position Statements reflect concrete applications of the Society's Code of Ethics and other official documents. Adoption requires majority vote by the NSGC Board of Directors.

    State Licensure for Genetic Counselors

    NSGC has developed resources for state licensure that include draft sunrise applications and model legislative language. NSGC is involved in the development of legislation and our public policy staff works with members to develop strategies for the successful pursuit of these efforts. NSGC has experience negotiating legislation with legislators and stakeholders.

    Federal Advocacy

    NSGC's Federal advocacy efforts focus on improving access to quality genetic counseling services and ensuring the genetic counseling profession is a recognized and integral part of the healthcare system.  

    NSGC Code of Ethics

    NSGC is the leading voice, authority and advocate for the genetic counseling profession. As such, the NSGC is an organization that furthers the professional interests of genetic counselors, promotes a network for communication within the profession, and deals with issues relevant to human genetics. With the establishment of the NSGC Code of Ethics, the NSGC affirms the ethical responsibilities of its members and provides them with guidance in their relationships with self, clients, colleagues, and society.