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    Code of Ethics & Conflict of Interest Policies

    NSGC operates under a body of governing documents, including a set of policies that establish guidelines and boundaries for the operations and work of the Society, its volunteer leaders and staff. 

    NSGC’s existing policies are reviewed by the NSGC Board of Directors at a minimum, annually with input from other key individuals involved in the area of work addressed by the policy.

    NSGC has developed a code of ethics and a number of policies addressing conflict of interest (COI) related to education, practice guidelines, volunteer involvement, commercial support and professional practice.

    NSGC Code of Ethics

    NSGC Conflict of Interest Resources

    NSGC Conflict of Interest Policies

    Looking for help interpreting NSGC's Code of Ethics in relation to a professional issue?  You can submit an ethics consult request (ethics inquiry review) to the NSGC Ethics Advisory Group (EAG) and receive feedback from a committee of your peers.

    Ethics Consult Request Form