National Society of Genetic Counselors

    NSGC Media Placements from Q4 2018

    A Safe Prenatal Genetic Test Is Gaining Popularity with Young Moms-To-Be and Their Doctors

    The Washington Post

    January 5, 2019


    What It’s Like to Fill in The Gaps in Your Health History When You’re Adopted


    January 18, 2019


    What Secrets Can Genetic Tests Really Reveal?


    December 27, 2018


    Biology Jobs for Science Lovers

    U.S. News & World Report

    December 24, 2018


    Should You Send Your Kid’s DNA to 23andme?

    Washington Post

    December 19, 2018


    There's a Catch That Comes with Taking a 23andme Test

    Huffington Post

    December 3, 2018


    Legislation Seeks Medicare Recognition of Genetic Counselors to Expand Access to Care


    November 26, 2018


    What DNA Testing Kit Companies Are Really Doing with Your Data


    November 20, 2018


    Meet the Genetic Counselors Wrangling America’s Testing Wild West

    Bloomberg Law

    November 13, 2018


    How Your Genetic Makeup Impacts Your Health

    San Diego Reader

    November 7, 2018


    Here’s Everything You Need to Know Before You Take a DNA Test

    Brit + Co

    November 7, 2018


    FDA Approves New 23andme Pharmacogenetic Reports, but There Are Some Caveats


    October 31, 2018

    Genetic Counselors Push to Advance Legislation to Allow Medicare Billing


    October 29, 2018


    Genetic Counseling Medicare Bill Introduced in Congress


    October 24, 2018


    Redheads Thrilled About (Slim) Chance Harry & Meghan's Royal Baby Will Be a 'Ginger'


    October 21, 2018


    Should I Get Genetic Testing for Cancer?


    October 11, 2018


    New Law Widens Access to Genetic Counseling but Licensure and Coverage Barriers Persist


    October 9, 2018

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